Harp String Sales

For well over 35 years, Kim Webby has fulfilled a need to supply strings to the
New Zealand harp community. Strings for pedal harps and common types of lever harps are carried in stock.

Some of the range of strings includes:

  • Bow Brand Gut strings- Pedal Standard Gauge, Pedal Light Gauge,
    KW Small Harp Gauge, Bow Brand Lever Gauge.
  • Vanderbilt Tarnish Resistant Wires with coloured C&F strings- for pedal harps.
  • I also carry a limited range of Bow Brand Silver Wires and Vanderbilt silver plated wires.
  • Vanderbilt Nylon for pedal harps.
  • Bulk nylon monofilament to custom make sets for the many types of Lever harps in New Zealand or to match individual strings requested.
  • Salopian and Bow Brand wires for Kim Webby Lever harps.

Note: Nylon Wound on Nylon strings are not stocked because they must be made to the specifications for each type of Lever harp. For these strings please contact the manufacturer of your harp.

Kim Webby Silver Plated Performance Wires

Custom Wire Strings InsertKim Webby Silver Plated Performance Wires have been developed to bring the best out of your pedal harp.

Initially, they evolved for his own pedal harps but they will lift the sound of most modern pedal harps.
Being silver they will tarnish in corrosive environments such as Rotorua.

For these conditions, I can offer a tarnish-resistant option that is cheaper and more practical.

Ordering Strings

When ordering please state the following information:
  • Maker and model of harp,
  • Serial number for KW harps,
  • String note and octave,
  • String number counting from the highest (shortest) string.- except for pedal harps where string number 1 is 1st octave E (which is the third string down on most pedal harps).
  • String material (gut, wire wound etc.)
  • Gauge of string (e.g. Bow Brand Lever, Pedal Standard Gauge etc.)
    For example: Aoyama Vega 46, 3rd octave F, String 21, Gut Standard gauge.

If unsure, please post me a piece of the broken string to measure and duplicate.
Payment may be made by internet banking on receipt of the invoice and strings.
I do not have credit card facility.

Telephone orders are usually processed immediately or same day to meet the courier pick-up times. You may leave a clear order on the answer-phone or alternatively, please give your return telephone number (landline preferable) so that we can get back to you.
Non-urgent orders may be emailed. If you have any questions, please telephone.

Contact us 
Monday- Saturday 8am-6pm
Telephone number: 09 4360185
Email:  kwebbyharp@xtra.co.nz